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How to Create a Beautiful Entryway

Owning a home is part of the American dream. Whether you are buying a newly constructed home, are renovating your current home, or are building a custom home, you will want to create a beautiful entryway. The entryway to your home says a lot about the home and who lives there. Here are some tips for creating a beautiful entryway for your home.

Welcoming Door
One of the first steps is having a welcoming door. This can be done using mahogany doors. The door is the first thing people will see as they approach your home. Make sure the area around it is well-maintained and well-lit. If you have multiple entrances to your home, make sure the main one is clearly marked with landscaping or a delineated path so visitors are not confused.

Foyer Lighting
We mentioned having your front door being well-lit and that is important, but even more important is the foyer lighting. The foyer of your home is where you will greet your guests with hugs, handshakes and smiles. Make sure there is plenty of light in the foyer so you can see everyone clearly.

Keep it Clean
Keep the foyer of your home clean. If there is no closet in the foyer then it’s likely bags, shoes and other items will begin to pile up right inside the door. Don’t let this happen. Purchase a bench with hidden storage or some piece of furniture where items can be stored in the foyer.

Appeal to the Sense of Smell
Some of the best entryways in homes appeal to the sense of smell. Have a fresh bouquet of flowers on a table in the foyer. If you are allergic to flowers, consider plugging in a scented wax warmer or other items that give off a welcoming scent.

As you prepare to renovate your home, contact KSD Custom Wood Products to discuss the mahogany doors available.

Join A Winning Team at KSD Custom Wood Products! We are Now Hiring!

ksd custom wood productsTo be a successful business in any industry, it takes hard work, a team of talented individuals, great customer service, and a top quality product. For 28 years, KSD Custom Wood Products, INC has used those ingredients for success to become the leader in custom wood solutions for the Northeast.

With a vision for designing and a passion for hand-crafted wood products, Kim Doubleday started KSD Custom Wood Products in 1989. From its humble beginnings in Kim’s garage, KSD Custom Wood Products originally specialized in hand-crafted architectural windows and doors. Through hard work, expert craftsmanship, and a thorough knowledge of the industry, the simple garage business has grown to a 40,000 square foot facility that employs over 30 skilled craftsmen.

Over the years, KSD Custom Wood Products has helped a number of clients with finding the best solutions for their architectural windows and doors. KSD Custom Wood Products has worked on the homes of many public figures, ranging from the NFL Commissioner to the owners of Priceline.com and many other known celebrities. To date, their largest client is Harvard University. KSD Custom Wood Products has helped historically reproduce many of the university’s windows and doors on their most historic buildings, with their first project together dating back to 1992. This long lasting relationship between Harvard and KSD Custom Wood Products is a testament to the business’ hard work and expert services. Additional projects for KSD include The Lawrenceville School, Princeton University, and much more.

With such a longstanding tradition of success, KSD Custom Wood Products is looking to expand their team to individuals who are experienced, believe in hard work, and put passion into everything that they do. The following positions are available:

  • Manufacturing/Woodworking
  • Glass Department: Manufacturing high-quality Insulated Glass
  • Product Fit up: Responsible for setting up sashes and doors into their perspective frames & installing hardware
  • Finish Department- Spraying and Hand Painting of our windows and doors
  • Auto CAD Designer
  • CNC Programmer

While experience is preferred, KSD is willing to train the right person if need be. For those interested in applying, please visit the KSD facility in person or email President Kim Doubleday at kdoubleday@ksdcwp.com

As KSD Custom Wood Products is seeing their busiest year yet and expanding their team further, the future is truly bright for what this company can achieve. If you are interested in learning more about KSD Custom Wood Products and how they can help you, feel free to contact them.

Improve Your Home’s Curb Appeal with Architectural Windows and Doors

The curb appeal of a home can make or break its value and chances of being sold when placed on the market. Upgrading the curb appeal of your home does not just have to be solely for making a sale. Many homeowners want to upgrade the look of the home for themselves. Maybe they feel it’s time. Maybe they want to change the exterior look of their home. Whatever their reason is, a home’s curb appeal can be improved with architectural windows and doors.


Sleek Design
Architectural windows and doors add a sleek design to your home. Whether you are looking for an old-fashioned look or a more modern one, these windows and doors have it all for your home. The doors can be solid or have window lites, it’s all based on your preference. Windows can be slanted, rounded or straight and in various shapes and sizes.


Door Types
The door types that can be used in your home remodel include entry doors and garage doors. Entry doors can be single or French doors. The garage doors can be made in any shape or size for your home’s needs, including rounded carriage doors that swing open instead of opening on a track.


Beautiful Entrances
Architectural windows and doors are perfect for brand new home construction. Your home can feature beautiful entrances in the front and the rear with these types of windows and doors. They can be installed under archways or other overhangs that prevents you from dealing with inclement weather as you lock or unlock your door. The doors can be installed with brick or stone around them to really bring out the luxury they provide.

Architectural windows and doors add value to your home and create curb appeal. Consider them for your next home improvement project.

The Importance of Historical Restoration

All throughout our great country, you will find constant reminders of our nation’s vast and rich history. Whether it’s a massive landmark statue, beckoning to the poor and weak of the world, or a memorial that highlights a sad and tragic day in time, every corner of this country is filled with something special that helps us remember the history.

However, as time goes on and these buildings and landmarks become older, they begin to fall apart and look weathered. Whether it’s damaged wood window frames or cracked siding, it’s unfortunate to see these historic structures begin to fall apart. It’s for this reason, to preserve and restore our nation’s most important structures that an organization like the National Historic Society and companies such as KSD Custom Wood Products, Inc. exist.

Historic buildings are not just old, they are worth saving. From both a practical and cultural perspective, restoring pieces of the past helps to preserve the value of a community’s culture while also boosting the local economy.

Preserving the history of an old building is essentially keeping intact the intrinsic value that the building has. It can be easy to just tear it down and start a new or even rip out the original windows for updated, custom windows. However, doing so can remove essential parts of the building’s character. Take Massachusetts Hall at Harvard University for example. Massachusetts Hall is the oldest building at Harvard University and the second oldest in the nation. Originally designed for student housing, it served as soldier quarters during the Boston siege. In 1995, when the building needed to have work done, it could have been easy to completely rip out the windows and put in a new design that is more modern and speaks more to the recent times. However, enlisting the help of KSD Custom Wood Products, University officials commissioned historic architectural windows to reproduce what was there. While the building still holds its charm, its reproduced windows are more efficient and still contribute to the original appeal of this Historic Building.

Additionally, not only do older, historical buildings promote the culture of the nation, but also serve as a constant reminder of the culture and complexity of a specific city. Choosing to preserve the history of a building through reproduction instead of completely tearing out important characteristics gives visitors a chance to witness the aesthetic of that particular point in time in history through their own eyes. Older buildings give off a sense of longevity and power that newer buildings can’t add up to just yet. Opting to tear out older windows and doors instead of reproducing them and preserving the nature of the building can ultimately end up in regret for the lost charm of our culture.

Architectural reproductions of windows and doors are a much better solution to marrying the idea of efficiency and historic characteristics.  For more information about historical reproduction and custom wood solutions, feel free to contact KSD Custom Wood Products, Inc.



Utilizing the Versatility of Mahogany Wood

It’s true what they say about mahogany wood; it’s one of the most durable and versatile woods used for construction and furniture design. South American Mahogany and African/ Sapele Mahogany wood contains a rich, dark color, natural resistance to insects and wood rot, and beautiful grain that makes it easily the preferred Exterior Woods of use for Manufacturers and Contractors.  Where South American Mahogany Wood is ideal for exterior designs like mahogany doors, African/ Sapele Mahogany is also a desirable and ideal material for Exterior Custom Wood Windows and Doors. It is also often used for products such as furniture. Historical reproducers and custom window and door designers, such as the ones at KSD Custom Wood Products, prefer to use these mahogany woods for a multitude of uses. While they specialize in constructing doors, windows, and other custom wood solutions, mahogany can be used for a multitude of other products as well.

One of the major uses of mahogany wood is in the design and construction of home, clubs, and office furniture. Its beautiful elegance and rich, luxurious appeal contributes to the overall aesthetic that mahogany wood creates. Mahogany is extremely sought after for antiques, reproduced pieces, and is common for kitchen cabinets and bars.

Nothing makes a statement like a grand mahogany entrance door to your home or custom doors throughout your home. They are both glamorous in appearance and functional in use. The tightly woven interlocking grain of the mahogany makes it a very stable material and will last for many decades to come. Additionally, mahogany will not warp and ages very well.

Musical Instruments
Did you know that many types of musical instruments are actually made from mahogany wood? The wood has a charming appeal and a beautiful sound that makes it easily one of the best woods to create gorgeous instruments out of. Some of the instruments that mahogany is used for incudes violins, pianos, guitars, drums, and even phonograph cartridges.

Mahogany has a luxurious appeal that is not just limited to objects.  It’s an exotic hardwood that ranges in color, and grain. Due to its durability, gorgeous colors, and ability to handle heavy amounts of daily foot traffic, mahogany also makes great hardwood flooring. Furthermore, genuine mahogany is excellent against humidity, as it tends to not bend or fluctuate in size, making it a great wood for damp, dry, and seasonal climates.

With its many uses, from flooring to doors and windows, mahogany is truly one of the best woods for any of your projects or designs.