How to Create a Beautiful Entryway

Owning a home is part of the American dream. Whether you are buying a newly constructed home, are renovating your current home, or are building a custom home, you will want to create a beautiful entryway. The entryway to your home says a lot about the home and who lives there. Here are some tips for creating a beautiful entryway for your home.

Welcoming Door
One of the first steps is having a welcoming door. This can be done using mahogany doors. The door is the first thing people will see as they approach your home. Make sure the area around it is well-maintained and well-lit. If you have multiple entrances to your home, make sure the main one is clearly marked with landscaping or a delineated path so visitors are not confused.

Foyer Lighting
We mentioned having your front door being well-lit and that is important, but even more important is the foyer lighting. The foyer of your home is where you will greet your guests with hugs, handshakes and smiles. Make sure there is plenty of light in the foyer so you can see everyone clearly.

Keep it Clean
Keep the foyer of your home clean. If there is no closet in the foyer then it’s likely bags, shoes and other items will begin to pile up right inside the door. Don’t let this happen. Purchase a bench with hidden storage or some piece of furniture where items can be stored in the foyer.

Appeal to the Sense of Smell
Some of the best entryways in homes appeal to the sense of smell. Have a fresh bouquet of flowers on a table in the foyer. If you are allergic to flowers, consider plugging in a scented wax warmer or other items that give off a welcoming scent.

As you prepare to renovate your home, contact KSD Custom Wood Products to discuss the mahogany doors available.