The Importance of Historical Restoration

All throughout our great country, you will find constant reminders of our nation’s vast and rich history. Whether it’s a massive landmark statue, beckoning to the poor and weak of the world, or a memorial that highlights a sad and tragic day in time, every corner of this country is filled with something special that helps us remember the history.

However, as time goes on and these buildings and landmarks become older, they begin to fall apart and look weathered. Whether it’s damaged wood window frames or cracked siding, it’s unfortunate to see these historic structures begin to fall apart. It’s for this reason, to preserve and restore our nation’s most important structures that an organization like the National Historic Society and companies such as KSD Custom Wood Products, Inc. exist.

Historic buildings are not just old, they are worth saving. From both a practical and cultural perspective, restoring pieces of the past helps to preserve the value of a community’s culture while also boosting the local economy.

Preserving the history of an old building is essentially keeping intact the intrinsic value that the building has. It can be easy to just tear it down and start a new or even rip out the original windows for updated, custom windows. However, doing so can remove essential parts of the building’s character. Take Massachusetts Hall at Harvard University for example. Massachusetts Hall is the oldest building at Harvard University and the second oldest in the nation. Originally designed for student housing, it served as soldier quarters during the Boston siege. In 1995, when the building needed to have work done, it could have been easy to completely rip out the windows and put in a new design that is more modern and speaks more to the recent times. However, enlisting the help of KSD Custom Wood Products, University officials commissioned historic architectural windows to reproduce what was there. While the building still holds its charm, its reproduced windows are more efficient and still contribute to the original appeal of this Historic Building.

Additionally, not only do older, historical buildings promote the culture of the nation, but also serve as a constant reminder of the culture and complexity of a specific city. Choosing to preserve the history of a building through reproduction instead of completely tearing out important characteristics gives visitors a chance to witness the aesthetic of that particular point in time in history through their own eyes. Older buildings give off a sense of longevity and power that newer buildings can’t add up to just yet. Opting to tear out older windows and doors instead of reproducing them and preserving the nature of the building can ultimately end up in regret for the lost charm of our culture.

Architectural reproductions of windows and doors are a much better solution to marrying the idea of efficiency and historic characteristics.  For more information about historical reproduction and custom wood solutions, feel free to contact KSD Custom Wood Products, Inc.