Utilizing the Versatility of Mahogany Wood

It’s true what they say about mahogany wood; it’s one of the most durable and versatile woods used for construction and furniture design. South American Mahogany and African/ Sapele Mahogany wood contains a rich, dark color, natural resistance to insects and wood rot, and beautiful grain that makes it easily the preferred Exterior Woods of use for Manufacturers and Contractors.  Where South American Mahogany Wood is ideal for exterior designs like mahogany doors, African/ Sapele Mahogany is also a desirable and ideal material for Exterior Custom Wood Windows and Doors. It is also often used for products such as furniture. Historical reproducers and custom window and door designers, such as the ones at KSD Custom Wood Products, prefer to use these mahogany woods for a multitude of uses. While they specialize in constructing doors, windows, and other custom wood solutions, mahogany can be used for a multitude of other products as well.

One of the major uses of mahogany wood is in the design and construction of home, clubs, and office furniture. Its beautiful elegance and rich, luxurious appeal contributes to the overall aesthetic that mahogany wood creates. Mahogany is extremely sought after for antiques, reproduced pieces, and is common for kitchen cabinets and bars.

Nothing makes a statement like a grand mahogany entrance door to your home or custom doors throughout your home. They are both glamorous in appearance and functional in use. The tightly woven interlocking grain of the mahogany makes it a very stable material and will last for many decades to come. Additionally, mahogany will not warp and ages very well.

Musical Instruments
Did you know that many types of musical instruments are actually made from mahogany wood? The wood has a charming appeal and a beautiful sound that makes it easily one of the best woods to create gorgeous instruments out of. Some of the instruments that mahogany is used for incudes violins, pianos, guitars, drums, and even phonograph cartridges.

Mahogany has a luxurious appeal that is not just limited to objects.  It’s an exotic hardwood that ranges in color, and grain. Due to its durability, gorgeous colors, and ability to handle heavy amounts of daily foot traffic, mahogany also makes great hardwood flooring. Furthermore, genuine mahogany is excellent against humidity, as it tends to not bend or fluctuate in size, making it a great wood for damp, dry, and seasonal climates.

With its many uses, from flooring to doors and windows, mahogany is truly one of the best woods for any of your projects or designs.