Ways to Make Your Brewery Standout

The brewery and craft beer market is becoming increasingly crowded and competitive. At KSD Custom Wood Products, we’ve worked with some of the largest breweries in the nation to help them improve the aesthetics of their building and bring in more business.

While the market might be somewhat flooded these days, there are several ways brewery owners can make their craft beer business standout—here are a few:


It all starts with the door…

Your front door is a great place to start when sprucing up your brewery. The front door should set an inviting tone and standout as one of the most aesthetically pleasing parts of the building, even from the road.

KSD Custom Wood Products has a trusted reputation when it comes to creating and installing custom architectural entry doors for breweries. KSD can upgrade your brewery’s entire exterior by also installing custom architectural windows.

Create a logo…

Any successful brewery has an eye-popping logo that reflects its brand. A strong logo is crucial to a brewery’s brand awareness and can be incorporated into many aspects of the building and business front. Great logos should be simple, memorable, timeless and appropriate. Also be sure to choose colors that align with your brewery’s brand.

But perhaps the most important thing to keep in mind when coming up with a logo is to create one that is truly unique and doesn’t resemble any others. You don’t want to have your craft beer confused with the competition.

Offer interesting bottle/labels…

Much like the logo, a brewery with bottles or labels that engage customers can go a long way in the business’ brand awareness. Work with professionals to design bottle that are uniquely shape or that provide a better pour. Add some interesting labels to the bottles and attach a witty name to it and you have yourself a craft beer and a brewery that will keep people coming back.